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Learn to Balloon Twist

If you want to have a go yourself, see Jelly Kelly in action in this introduction to balloon twisting video!

The Basics of Balloon Twisting

  1. Always leave a bit uninflated at the end of the balloon to be able to push the air into.
  2. The balloon has two ends: the Knot end and the Tail end. Always twist from knot to tail!
  3. Always twist in the same direction, this will prevent the balloon from unravelling.
  4. As you twist try and keep your proportions correct and always look at how much is left before finishing your twist.
  5. Don't be scared of it popping, balloons sometimes do!
  6. Remember the balloon is you friend!
Jelly Kelly walking her ballon dog

More Information

You can order a great balloon modelling starter kit from Qualatex Qualatex Balloons - everything you need for balloon modelling Everything you need for Balloon Modelling - Here can order a pump and a bag of 100 x 260 sized balloons (mixed colour bag is best) - a great kit if you want to start twisting.

Please take a look at my balloon modelling tutorials on this page and over on Video Jug! as well as my YouTube Channel.

You can also join Balloon Chat Forum for free, to enjoy the help and inspiration other members can give!

If you need any further advice about balloon twisting, do feel free to contact me.
Jelly Kelly wearing a Jelly Bug crown

More Fun!

Just haven't got the knack of twisting? Then try 'Deflate to Create' for some novel ideas on balloon use!
Launch Deflate to Create

Balloon Twisting Videos

Watch & Learn to make a variety of Balloon Twisting models with Jelly Kelly in these helpful video clips.

All my Balloon models are available as Party Gifts.

Dog on a Lead

A Flower

Jelly Bug

A Horse

An Elephant

Bow & Arrow

Sword and Belt

Drawing on a Balloon