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Amelia Nevelos,  Weybridge Hall, 24/09/2007 15:51

I had a super 5th Birthday party with Jelly Kelly. She was really funny and even made me a cake. I love her.
Love, Amelia

Sandy Robbins,  Twickenham, 28/07/2007 20:41

We all thoroughly enjoyed Emily and Beth's 5th birthday party.It takes a special person to hold little ones attention for 2 hours as you do Kelly.It was so nice to see the children's obvious enjoyment and the adults liked your show too ! Look forward to seeing you next year.


Abbey,  ashford, 17/07/2007 18:12

hi jelly kelly i love your show and all of your jokes when you cheak my website its not finished yet i only just started it jordan loves you so much and i want to you to my party but im to old thanx again love you xxxxxxx


Jess,  Woking, 05/07/2007 12:44

My 4 year old son had just the best pirate party ever. You even nicely dealt with the inevitable birthday tears!!! The swords that all the kids took home were a huge hit all round. How you held their attention for 2 hours amazes me. Thanks again! Jess

Louise,  Weybridge, 11/06/2007 18:24

Jessie had a fantastic party. All the children (and adults!) enjoyed themselves and I wouldn't hestitate in recommending Jelly Kelly. There were a few children with special needs at the party and Jelly Kelly was brilliant with them. Thank you.

catherine fenton,  petworth, 02/06/2007 18:50

What a wonderful party! Thank you Kelly for everything. Bella said it was her best party ever and all her friends say that it was the best party they had ever been to (bearing in mind there's one every month - that's quite something). I would absolutely recommend you to anyone. My children loved you.

Sara Hayter,  Sunbury, 11/05/2007 18:28

Another fantastic party thanks to you Kelly! This is the third time Jelly Kelly has entertained our children at parties and each time she has been just superb at keeping them focused and enjoying themselves. In fact the only year we did not use Kelly recently served to illustrate just how good she is.

jess,  Epsom Downs, 16/04/2007 12:41

today was my counsins birthday party and i thought you were kept all the children entertained whilst also including the 4 year old cousin had been to one of your party's before and throughly enjoyed it...she actually asked for jelly kelly for her birthday party and her wish came true...

thank you very much you were great

Katie and Maisie,  Sutton, 23/02/2007 17:11

Hello Jelly Kelly!
Just wanted to say a huge THANK YOU for entertaining all the children at Katie's and Maisie's party today (Feb 23rd '07). I have never seen so many children mesmerized for so long. A fantastic time had by all ages, including the adults! The party will be the talk of the playground! Thanks again,!

coral,  hersham, 18/02/2007 16:44

me and becky thought you were really great at my cousins 4th birthday party! you made us laugh and we liked the bit when you were with your dog.

Jessica Wright,  Mayford, 31/01/2007 12:26

Hope to have you at Chrissy 4th party in June. He loves your show (seen twice) and keeps asking for you at his party. (he was at the one on 20/11/06!) can we add a pirate theme?????

suzie norris,  St paul's church camberl, 12/12/2006 14:30

Hi jellykelly did my daughter's party on the 25th nov and she was amazing so if you need an entertainer book jellykelly as I am sure she is the best.
Thank you very much and hope to see you soon
Love suzie and Holly Norris

Becky & Clare,  Bedfont, 22/11/2006 11:31

A fantastic show. I have never seen 30 children so quiet.... and the adults loved it too! The kids haven't stoped talking about it (and making us call quackers!!). Thank you!

Paul and Jackie,  Walton On Thames, 19/11/2006 01:04

Thank you Kelly for helping to make Maddies 5th birthday party so enjoyable for all the children on 5/11/2006.
We had a tight time frame to get ourselves organised laying out food and drink. You arrived and were ready to start within 10 minutes. We're so glad we filmed the show, it's all Maddie asks to watch on TV. Even 2 year old Jonny who missed the party because of chickenpox howls with laughter watching the DVD. Thank you again, and here's to your continued success.

Elkie Holland,  Shepperton, 12/11/2006 20:30

Jelly Kelly you were SUPERB. You were both professional and talented. A great combination. You held 37 children (aged 3-4 yrs) spellbound (along with the adults!) for 2 hours. Thank you for Joshua's superb 4th Birthday Party which is already talk of the town - thanks to you. Thank you.

Hellen Madden,  Thames Ditton, 30/10/2006 13:14

Thank you so so so much for making my little boy Jude so happy. He absolutely loved his 4th birthday party and you had the children completely captivated. All the parents came up to me afterwards saying how fantastic you were and how they felt involved too! You guided the children perfectly without being over zealous into behaving which is a miracle in itself and managed to cater from 2 and a half to 9 years old. I'll definitely be booking you for next year, expect a call in the next week!

Fran Rodd,  Hanworth Park, 18/09/2006 15:38

Kelly made my twin girls 4th birthday party really special. Held everyones attention (including the adults) for 2 hours. Got all the kids involved and remembered all their names. Fantastic, will call you again next year!

Michelle Blackburn,  Old Windsor, Berkshire, 25/08/2006 07:46

I employed Jelly Kelly to run my daughter's 5th birthday party in August 2006 - what a result! All I had to worry about for two hours was putting out the food and lighting the candles on the cake. I've never had such an easy time. Kelly pitched her show perfectly to cater for the mixed age group and all the kids thoroughly enjoyed themselves. I would highly recommend her to anyone. Just one thing though .... WHERE WAS QUACKERS!! The kids haven't stopped asking me !

Lewis & Pippa,  Walton on Thames, 22/07/2006 09:26

Fantastic! The easiest birthday party we have ever done! This is definitely the way forward! 36 five year olds spellbound with your Jelly Kelly magic! I was amazed that when all 36 decided they needed the toilet at the same time you managed to transfix them in seconds into forgetting! One little boy told his mum " I knew the party was going to be good but I didn't know it was going to be THAT good" which is well worth the money! Fantastic from the first phonecall to the end of the party! No doubt see you next year!

Lesley Brough,  Hampton Hill, Middlesex, 23/05/2006 07:56

Thank you so much for entertaining the children at my daughters 18th birthday party on Sunday 24 May - the weather could have tried harder but you brought a little bit of sunshine into the day - and gave all the adults a little bit of time to enjoy the celebrations.

Angela,  Woking, 19/09/2007 19:03

Thank you for an absolutely fantastic party - Isabelle and her friends had a fantastic time and are still talking about it a couple of months later. Jelly Kelly really did keep all of the children, including our 2 year old, and all the adults thoroughly entertained - one of the best parties ever. Isabelle is already talking about what Jelly Kelly will be doing at her party next year.

Mark Disney,  Surbiton, 21/07/2007 18:11

A huge thank you JK! Maddie and her friends had a fantastic time for her 6th birthday. You said you weren't feeling 100% but we would nevr have noticed! your enthusiasm was infectious! you really took all the stress out of having 18 6 year olds looking to be entertained for 2 hours! wewould recommend you to anyone!

Mark and Jude

Nicky & Mandy,  Feltham, 06/07/2007 12:15

Our 4 year old sons, Ben and Max had a joint 4th Birthday party with 38 of their friends and family. Jelly Kelly was fantastic. She was funny and energetic and capivated ALL the children for the full 2 hours. We would recommend Kelly to anyone, in fact she has been the talk of the boys school.
Thank you so much Kelly, look forward to seeing you next year!
Nicky and Mandy

Kelly Brown,  Warfield, 25/06/2007 11:28

Thank you Kelly for a wonderful party. Amy and all her friends really enjoyed themselves and said it was one of the best parties they had been to. You kept the children entertained for the full 2 hours and made it so easy for me.
I will recommend you to all my friends.

Erika Farquharson,  Woking, 05/06/2007 16:41

Dear Kelly,

Thanks again for an absolutely fantastic party. You kept the whole party going for over 2 hours and held over 20 kids attention for all that time. It is so refreshing to find an entertainer who loves her work and really likes children!Everyone agreed it was the best party they had been to. Your balloon animals are the best we have ever seen and make fantasic gifts. Thanks and well done!!


Claire Aldersley,  Ashtead, Surrey, 23/05/2007 17:23

You made my daughters 4th birthday party one to remember! All 20 kids were laughing their heads off and sat still the whole time. It was amazing to see. Even the adults had a great time. Many of the parents commented at school, how great you were. Well done and thanks!!!

Josey and Alana,  Epsom, 30/04/2007 21:46

Thank you, thank you, thank you so much for the amazing way you entertained 50 children (and adults!) for Alana's 5th birthday party on 21/04/2007!!! Alana and her friends had such a fantastic time. You captured their attention from begining to end (2 hours) with your amazing show and with such energy too! All the parents have commented on how fantastic you were... Thank you again, we will without doubt be seeing Jelly Kelly in Epsom again.

Josey and Alana (Banana) x x

Jo,  New Malden, 05/03/2007 18:54

Many thanks for entertaining the children at Edward’s 4th birthday party. The show was hugely entertaining for children and adults alike. I’ve never seen a room full of tots (including some 2 year olds) sit still for so long, belly laughing for the whole hour Jelly Kelly was here!

Andrea Lewis,  Mole Hall, West Molesey, 19/02/2007 12:20

What a fabulous Show. Jelly Kelly entertained at my daughter Clare's 4 yr Birthday Party for 22 kids yesterday (Sun 18th Feb 07). Everyone loved her (inc. adults) and I wouldn't hesitate to recommending her to everyone. Jelly Kelly has such energy and keeps the kids going nonstop for 2 hours with such beams on their faces. Steve videoed the party and Clare has already watched it this morning and was dancing the Jelly Kelly Dance!

John Thompson,  Feltham, 02/02/2007 15:46

We hired Jelly Kelly for Talia's 1st birthday 28.01.07, yes Jelly Kelly perfoms on a Sunday ! for Talia and older freinds and cousins, Jelly Kelly was fantastic, took control, organised all the kids, and just entertained with so much energy it was just brilliant, to sit back with the kids and other mums & dads and just enjoy the show without worry or hassle of entertaining all those kids of different ages. Jelly Kelly, You were worth every penny, Thank You so much for making the birthday so special, everyone is still talking about it.
John, Chris,Jack & Talia

Tessa Patel,  Walton OnThames, 21/01/2007 19:07

Another fanatisitc preformance. Thank you so much the kids and adults loved it.Thank you Tessa

Kirsten Lawton,  Esher, 06/12/2006 16:38

Thank you so much for a wonderful afternoon. Finley and his friends really enjoyed his 3rd Birthday party and all us parents were amazed at how captivated 20 3 year olds could be. His big sister Thea has already asked for you to come to her 5th Birthday.

Charlotte and Steve Johnson,  Woking, 20/11/2006 12:20

Annabel, Alex and 33 other 4 yr olds were captivated with your magic show for a whole hour. Even a few young ones watching did not murmur! Your talent and ability to make everyone feel welcome (adultd included) was very impressive and much appreciated. A truly perfect party. Thank you so much for giving us such happy memories and great pictures! (19/11/06)

Michelle Fleming,  Ashford, 17/11/2006 19:51

My son and his 25 guests had a fantastic 6th birthday party. Jelly Kelly had them in the palm of her hand. The children were engaged from start to finish, (as were the adults). Thanks alot - you made the party very special for us.

Julia Westgarth,  Hampton Hill, 31/10/2006 11:01

All we've heard from 5 year-old Dominic for the last 72 hours, since his party, is "when can I have Jelly Kelly again?". Thank you so much! He and his friends (and his big sisters!) had so much fun with you on Sunday - and his friends and their parents were very impressed too. Our only regret is that we couldn't have you for the full 2 hours - so we'll be getting our booking in earlier for next year!

Camilla Williams,  Byfleet Village Hall, 16/10/2006 12:25

Thank you so much for making Bryony and Bethany's 5th birthday party such a fun and memorable occassion Jelly Kelly. Not only did you manage to entertain and captivate 30 5 year olds from the moment they walked in the door until the time they left (certainly no mean feat), but several mums and dads were also observed stamping their feet in temper tantrum style at the prospect of having to leave the party at its conclusion 2 hours later!! Children and adults alike were thoroughly entertained. A week on and Bryony is still talking endlessly about "Jelly Kelly". Trememdous - well done for facilitating such a stress free party.

Joanna Risbey,  Farnborough, 11/09/2006 17:43

WoW !. Fantastic ! 37 kids entertained for every minute of the 2 hours we hired Kelly for. Games, Magic, Balloons, Smelly Jokes, They loved it all. How did she remember all their names. Parents and children all agree she's the best.
Thanks so much

Adrianne Brown,  Godalming Surrey, 24/07/2006 06:05

Thankyou so much Jelly Kelly for the amazing performance at Lucys party yesterday. She and her friends were so absorbed and had a fantastic time. Lucy just loved the bit where she made her own magic cake!! I have heard since that the children have been asking for Jelly Kelly parties next year!!
All the tricks were so much fun and original, even the parents were enjoying the show! For me it was great as it took away all the stress of entertaining 25 children and I could actually enjoy the party with my daughter. The children loved their balloons, they were such a good idea and what a selection they had to choose from, swords and wands to dogs on leads and flowers.

Thanks again

Freddie Greaves,  Shepperton, 03/06/2006 19:02

Thank you for Oliver's fantastic 3rd Birthday, he loved every minute and for a shy little chap like him, I was amazed at the enormous smile on his face from beginning to end. He couldn't wait to get up and help you. Even asking at the end - is Jelly Kelly coming to my house now? The 30 other children all had a great time too and you really did make it a stress free party. THANK YOU

Roz Wells,  Walton on the Hill, 14/05/2006 07:31

We were at Evelyn and Helen's party last week and have children aged 23 months and 11 - they both loved you - how fantastically you coped with such a broad range - well done. Our 11 year old said you were the best entertainer ever....and she's seen lots! We'll definitely be calling on you when our little one is a bit older. He is 2 next month and we'll have a garden party for 2 year olds - any suggestions or shall we wait till next year?! Kind regards, keep entertaining. Roz

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