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Social Distance parties!

Due to the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, I am now offering Social Distance parties with magic, games and balloon twisting. Safety is #1 priority!

Please get in touch to find out more!

tel: 01932 706273
mob: 07929 361597

Coronavirus Information

Click here to book a virtual party or activity


I will be posting FREE videos on my YouTube channel and Facebook page during this time to keep the kids amused and help them adapt to the new restrictions we now live with.. Please LIKE and SUBSCRIBE so you don’t miss out on the fun!

Youtube Channel

No need to cancel your child's special day, just change it and go virtual! 🌟


My Jellytastic Virtual Birthday / Any Occasion party costs £65 for 30 mins or £75 for 45 mins of real live interactive magic and games with prizes to be won. If you're booking a birthday experience, the Birthday child will be the star of the party! Amongst other games and fun competitions, I can also include a fancy dress competition so everyone dresses up for the party and winners get certificates to print out! My virtual party has proved to have been a huge success! Suitable with adult supervision for ages 3-8 years. Age 8 and up can cope without grown-ups!

Testimonial: “Jelly Kelly organised an amazing virtual party today for my daughter’s 7th birthday since we had to postpone the face to face one. It was so much fun, all the kids (20 of them!) absolutely loved it! The musical statues in particular was a hit as was “the sandwich guessing” and the magic. I’d absolutely recommend her for a birthday party or for an online “get together” for children missing each other while off school. My daughter can’t stop talking about Jelly Kelly! Thoroughly recommended!! “

Please contact me direct to book your online party or use the booking system if you prefer. Feel free to call me and discuss any personalisation you would like.

The MMM Jelly Kelly Kids Club 🌟

MMM stands for Magic, Mindfulness and Meditation.

During the pandemic I will be providing social activities for families in this isolation period. I am offering 45 min slots where parents can safely leave their children online with their friends and know they are being kept happy and focused with a range of magic, stories and interactive games. As a parent myself I know how important it is that our children keep socialising during this time, but as a parent you don’t have the time to sit and monitor their online experience with friends whilst keeping up with home schooling, house work and working from home. This is why I am offering a piece of mind service, where YOU the parent get some kid free time,. knowing you child is interacting safely with their friends and no one else!

The first 25 minutes will be magical fun and social interactions with games and activities and then I will take your child on a “cool down” period, so they are not bouncing off the walls when we log off. This will include positive group affirmations to help the children process this change in lifestyle and feel ok about it, followed by mindfulness fun, to enable them to explore their reduced world in a deeper way. Circle time to discuss anything that is important to them and let them express any concerns they may have. We will finish every session with a short meditation, this should leave the children in a happy, calm and focused peace of mind for you parents to cope with.. . I’m thinking of you too parents, home schooling whilst running your business and keeping up with housework won’t be easy!

I am only charging the minimum I need to survive for this service to help all those affected.

Charges are £50 per session. One adult must book the session, unfortunately the booking system does not allow me to take individual bookings during one time slot.

Please see my booking slots available to book this, one person will need to book for your group, or call me if easier !


Ages 7 and up.

I will be running balloon twisting workshop clubs during the enforced isolation period where your child can learn the fun skill of balloon twisting! Depending on their age (well really if they can tie a knot in a balloon), you won’t need to be there at all, unless you want to learn yourself 😉. Balloon twisting helps with problem solving skills, dexterity, hand to eye co-ordination and it’s great fun too!

My balloon twisting workshops will run for 30 mins and all you need is a two-way pump and a bag of mixed colour 260 size modelling balloons. This link will take you to my wholesale distributor who has set up an easy link to buy the basic kit that you will need to take part in the session. If you already have a two-way balloon pump, you only need to buy a bag of mixed colour 260 sized Qualatex balloons.
Click here for the Jelly Kelly Balloon Starter Kit

Please feel free to contact me directly by phone, text or email if you need any advice on what to buy. During the club time, your child will learn to balloon twist and if you book with friends, even socialise safely during this time with an adult (yes that’s me), to supervise remotely.

Charges are £50 per group session, maximum of 10 people, this works out as only £5 per child. One adult must book the session, unfortunately the booking system does not allow me to take individual bookings during one time slot.

A 30 minute 1-2-1 session is £35


I have other talented friends who can offer you fun and learning during this time:

Alex Legouix offers yoga for adults and children , check out her website

Steve McShane has been working in schools for many years and offers online music lessons in Guitar, Bass, Harmonica and Ukulele. Also Magic lessons and Astronomy lessons. Click or call/text 07940726021 email:

Hope to hear from you soon!

Jellytastic regards,



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I'm Kelly Robinson, and as Jelly Kelly, I provide children's entertainment at birthday parties, weddings or any occasion where you want to keep your little guests (or big guests) amused and make sure they have a party to remember.

I am a proud member of The Magic Circle, I am also a member of the Surrey Society of Magicians.

A member of Equity, with full public liability insurance.

I'm also hilariously funny. (says my mum)

My Awards from the Surrey Society of Magicians I recently won The Surrey Society of Magicians 'Bernard Weller Best Comedy Magic Act' Award. Here I am with James Fortune, who won the Stage Competition.

I also won The Surrey Society of Magicians 'Bernard Weller Best Comedy Magic Act' Award. Here I am, with my award, with Stephen Baker, who won the stage competition and Jack Delvin, the president of The Magic Circle!

I am now also a very proud member of The Magic Circle!


Looking for an adult magician for close up or stage? Want to impress your guests? Have you ever seen a female magician before? It's unlikely as we are a rarity! Why not give your guests something they won't forget and most likely have never seen before...Kelly Kadabra!

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